Our Story

Our team and valued Members share a common belief...

We hate being stressed.

We appreciate there seems to be an all too common thread, stemming from work place stress...

and that work place stress often Extends beyond the work place, into personal and family life.

This is where we unfortunately discover root causes of depression, violence and worse things.

We believe Personal & Financial Stress are the Cancer of our Society.

They are the difference between; your head held up high, feeling amazing, walking around with a full chest & big heart,

or lying at home, sunken over, struggling to find a reason to get out of bed.

I ask?

Which of the above two people would you rather be?

Where do you feel better?

We want love to live in a world full of happy people, living and loving life

A life where we feel safe, valued and want contribute or help each other!

It is our life Goal to contribute to achieving this, even if it's in a small way.


Why is there there such stress at work?

The main reasons we found, seem to be, people not feeling valued, or safe.

A colleague problem or boss problem... we're all too common.


Because they personally didn't get along with the existing team and culture of that work place and felt stuck.

Often they needed the job and were hired in a role, where they weren't necessarily the right person,

The cause always seems way to often to be a personality &/or personal reason.

Have you ever experienced or known someone who shares such a situation?

To the chase...

We found our happiness at work and home, is largely influenced by the people we work with.

Sick of undue stress, we set our goal to improve this.

Our solution became improving how Teams are hired.

We found a way to improve this...

and it became a fresh, new, Personality First Experience,

The result of which is transforming the way great employees, are meeting great employers

and vice versa.

We're proud because,

This is just our begining...

Verb's are new and Amazing!

They're the fastest way to identify and connect Great People!

If you too appreciate helping to solving this problem,

and you're actively looking for Great People, or a Great Team to work for?

UseVerb's easy to use and delivers amazing results.

We did the hard work, so don't have to.

We value you and we'd love you to experience UseVerb.

So... if you're Job Seeking or Team Building,

please support us and try UseVerb.

You may never want to read or send a resume again... :)

Thanks Guys :D